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Manila, Philippines

Los Angeles, CA

At Dixie Toledo, fashion is an art form that illuminates individual brilliance and embraces cultural diversity. Growing up in the Philippines and then moving to the USA at a young age, my Filipino heritage deeply influences my approach to fashion. This transition from one culture to another has given me a unique perspective, where creativity and art are powerful mediums for expressing experiences shaped by life in both worlds.

My fashion journey is deeply personal, a testament to growth in both personal and professional realms. Fashion, for me, has always been more than attire; it's a means to express emotions, values, and perceptions of self. This path has led me to tailor bespoke garments and nurture emerging fashion brands, all underpinned by a commitment to authenticity and storytelling.

"Creativity is a spiritual journey," a belief I hold dear,

"where imagination meets craftsmanship to transform the unseen into a physical masterpiece."

My work centers around understanding and capturing the true essence of my clients. Whether it's creating a one-of-a-kind garment or developing a brand identity, it's about unveiling each client's inner greatness. Each project is a celebration of individuality and aspiration, a process of crafting dreams into tangible expressions of style and vision. Every design, every brand story, reflects a journey, celebrating the masterpiece within.

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